Save the Murray Game

‘Cleaning up our river’ is a fun and challenging game. The aim of the game is for the player to pick out various bits of muck, pollution and rubbish that float past by directing the net to pick out the foreign objects. For every bit picked out, the player gets a point, for every frog or fish the player scoops out by accident five points are lost. When the time limit reaches zero, the player is presented with a score and a rating out of 10 based on how well he did. For example, “Player score: 14, well done! Your grade: 7/10, try again for higher grades!” This game is an addictive one, which the player tries and tries again to get a better score.

The game is to be credited to Tafe SA students:
Nick Mower
Paul Cherry
Joe Jansse
Craig Eickhoff


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